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Georgia Coalition to End Hitting in Schools

What’s happening in Georgia Public Schools?

Current Action Plan

What Can I do to Help?

Here’s an update on what you can do to get and stay in the loop…
  • Monthly Meetings – Attend the monthly meetings.
  • Coalition Map is to help us identify the location of our targeted districts in relation to our coalition members and our coalition allies. *Please add your name, city, and zip code!
  • Private Facebook Group is to help us share information, have discussions, and get to know each other. We’ll continue to send out updates via email, for those who are not on Facebook
  • Public Facebook Page is to help us spread awareness and gain interest.



Thy Rod and Thy Staff They Comfort Me


Ending Corporal Punishment of Children

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Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect

Nadine Block

Breaking the Paddle

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The Board of Education

a documentary film  about corporal punishment in schools

Documentary Trailer (2 minutes)

Documentary Film (30 minutes)

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Organizations with a formal mandate against corporal punishment in schools.